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Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden Presents ZimSculpt Exhibit

DALLAS, Texas, Spring 2017 – The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden presents international blockbuster exhibit ZimSculpt, an exhibition of contemporary stone sculptures that appears for the first time in the southern U.S. More than 100 exquisite Zimbabwean modern sculptures are artfully displayed throughout the garden from April 15 to July 31.

Dallas Arboretum Presents ZimSculpt

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Known as Shona sculpture, these contemporary pieces are carved from various types of serpentine and semi-precious stone, often weighing tons, and can be as large as seven feet tall. As part of the exhibit, guests are welcome to watch artists and sculptors Passmore Mupindiko and Aron Kapembeza demonstrate their artistry carving statues daily in The Marketplace, which is located in Dallas Arboretum’s Pecan Grove.

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Visitors may purchase any of the sculptures on display in the garden, as well as the ones created by the onsite artists in The Marketplace. The Marketplace will be open to guests seven days a week, and on Wednesday evenings, selling sculptures of all sizes. Commissioned pieces can be ordered and made onsite by the artists.

ZimSculpt Marketplace

ZimSculpt is supported in part by Dave Perry-Miller, Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District and Neiman Marcus.

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