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About Us

This is an internet love story.

Two people brought together by blogging.


I read her blog and she read mine.

And then 2 years ago a group of bloggers who had never met each other decided to meet at a central location, Dallas. There were 10 girls invited who were traveling from distances like Georgia, California and Oklahoma.  As the time grew closer and travel plans were confirmed, I sent out an email to everyone saying that I could pick up anyone who needed a ride from the airport because I lived just 20 minutes from DFW.

A few moments later Shauna sent back an email saying, “I live 20 minutes from the airport…where do you live?”

I responded with “a little town called Flower Mound”…

to which she responded, “I live in Flower Mound!”

Yep, it took getting a bunch of bloggers together in Dallas for me to learn that someone whose blog I read was my neighbor.

We met.

We fell in friend-love.

We started a local website together with the help of another Dallas area blogger and then another website together with the help of another Dallas area blogger.

And now this…because we know the magic of falling in friendship on the internet.

–Holly aka Texasholly


Shauna Callaghan
sh3Shauna has a BS in Business Management from Texas Women’s University, and is a self-taught Blog Designer/Programmer.  With three kids at home, a Blog Design business, numerous mom-type responsibilities and dog that often gets on the roof, she is a master multi-tasker. You can visit Shauna’s personal blog at Blah Blah Blog if you are looking for more insight into this sassy mom of 3.  Shauna tweets as @BlahBlahBlogger.

Holly Homer
profilepicHolly has a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University in Southern California which has absolutely nothing to do with what she does now on a daily basis, but it sounds super fancy. She is married with three boys. She currently writes about life in the non-fancy lane as a Dallas mommy blogger at June Cleaver Nirvana along with a few other websites.  She is attempting to set a world record for maintaining profiles on the most social media platforms…current count around 72? One of those is Twitter where she tweets as @Texasholly.