Team Building with Taste

Team Building With Taste: Local DFW Event

DFW Bloggers at Team Building with Taste

Team Building With Taste hosted DFW Bloggers last week to be apart of their Global Appetizer challenge. They were really welcoming to us and even had mimosas ready for the bloggers when they arrived.


They split us up into four teams and gave us each an appetizer to make in an hour. Each of us split up the tasks to prepare our dish. At the end of the hour we had to plate our appetizer to be judged just like on the popular show Chopped. Team Building With Taste provided a chef or sous-chef to each team for assistance.

chef help

Getting to work with each other was really nice. It is not often that bloggers get opportunities to connect, bond and work as a team in this type of environment.

team building exercise

With the timed cooking, the surprise required food ingredient added half-way through cooking, and the commercial kitchen – we really felt like we were in a professional competition. However, it was fun and exciting, not stressful at all.

Team Building with Taste Ingredients

All ingredients that you use during each event are fresh and set out for you in advance. For each team they have set ingredients already at your work station. The extract vegetables, and spices that are optional for you to add to your recipe are on a table at the front of the kitchen.

At the end of our event, when we were enjoying all of our appetizers, the chefs brought out dessert that they had made for us. A caramel brownie that was baked on a pretzel crust and topped with fresh diced berries.
pretzel crust brownie

Check out what some of our dishes looked like.

Check out what the DFW Bloggers had to say about their experience:

Thank you to Team Building With Taste in Dallas for hosting a group of DFW Bloggers. We had a wonderful time. The minimum requirement for a private event or party is ten people but they can accommodate up to 100! From corporate team building events to birthday parties, this unique experience takes cooking class to a whole new level.

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